Neurologist,… Again.

A little update. I got a little angry at my doctor. I was telling her I wanted to talk medication. She asked me what I used, I told her Verapamil as a¬†prophylactic, and I used to use sumatriptan nasal spray as an abortive. I told her the nasal spray didn’t work fast enough because it would only take effect after 15+ minutes. She then suggested giving me a rizatriptan called Maxalt. That’s medication often given for migraines, which made me suspicious, because they tend to take a while to work. When she said I had to take it orally, my suspicion was complete so I straight out asked her how long it would take to kick in. She said 30 minutes. I told her that simply wouldn’t do, that I wanted a pen-injector, or O2. (Reading up on rizatriptan later, I read that the peak of its effectiveness was after two hours!) She said O2 could only be administered after having talked to a neurologist. So back to the neurologist I go.

The upside to this frustrating turn of events is that the neurologist she recommended happens to be a specialist in the field of headaches, migraines and cluster headaches, so I’m hoping things will go well. Of course, him being the penultimate dude in the history of dudes, I could only get an appointment in May, at which point my episode will probably be over. (At least, I fucking hope it will be.)

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