Running is Getting Easier, Not Any More Fun!

I just finished another 3,5 km run in just under 17,5 minutes. My time is getting better, which means I don’t have to torture myself as much, and that’s about the only good thing about it. It also means that I don’t need as much motivation to get going 3 or 4 times a week.

While my weight dropped like very fast at first — like, “do I have bowel cancer?”-fast — now it’s dropping slow but steady, which is allaying any concerns that it may have been as a result of something other than the running and more conservative diet.

Frustratingly, as if I needed more reason to have jiu jitsu in my life…

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  1. DV8 Post author

    Did another 3,5km today, which — I have to say — wasn’t as easy as it was yesterday. Warmer and strong, annoying side-wind. It’s possible that my muscles weren’t too keen on doing it a second day in a row, either. Oh, but they obeyed. Oh yes, they will CONTINUE to OBEY!!

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