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BJJ and Fifteen Months of Lockdown

I haven’t been doing BJJ for such a long time now that I’ve got hair on my knees again. I sometimes wonder just how much skill I have lost (if I had any to begin with). I have maintained that I will only consider going back under the right conditions, which at the moment should include Joasia being vaccinated and the situation looking a little less miserable (delta variant infections are on the rise). In the meantime I wonder whether I even know how to do a proper bow-and-arrow choke anymore.

Unexpected Tournament

Last night I arrived to jiu jitsu rather late due to some work obligations running late and I was greeted by an unexpected tournament. To my big surprise I performed rather well, getting five wins out of five matches. Four submissions and one on points! The first submission was a very quick collar choke, the second two were bow-and-arrow chokes and the last was a modified Ezekiel choke from half guard. Quite happy with the result.

Last Night’s Training

Last night’s training was not amazing. I believe I’ve been steadily progressing over the last couple of months and I’ve been feeling pretty good about it, but yesterday I got my arse kicked by pretty much everyone I rolled against. I think I’ve become a little bit predictable to my training partners. I like to play the deep half guard game, and it has left me vulnerable to a couple of things that I need to work at. I do especially poorly against people who play a very dynamic game, with a lot of movement.

I’ll be going on holiday for the coming few days, which will give me some time to think about this while I let my body heal a bit. Let’s see what I can come up with.