Opposite of Courage is Conformity

I really enjoyed the Joe Rogan podcast with Rickson Gracie. While I’m certainly not the Rickson nuthugger that a lot of jiu jitsu enthusiasts are, I enjoyed what he said in the following clip, summed up by what he says: “The opposite of courage is conformity.” I don’t know if it’s necessarily true, but it’s an interesting philosophy that, if kept in the back of your mind, might enhance your life and make it a little bit closer to what it could be.

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  1. Moulsari

    I completely agree with this statement. And for me, conformity seems like a wasted opportunity to uncover new ground, to contribute to progress of the world, so I am forced to have courage, because conformity is not an option.

    (Only skimmed the video, but I plan to watch the whole thing later, I love what he’s saying. Thanks for sharing.)

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