I’ve been a little cavalier with my alcohol intake this year, and I don’t like what it’s doing to me and I don’t like the implications of it. Previous years, the amount of times I got really drunk was no more than a handful, which was questionable by itself, but it seems to have really peaked this year.

It hasn’t escaped my attention that these moments of extreme excess usually coincide with periods where I’m not in a good emotional condition either, which is further cause for worry. I’d like to think I’m fairly reflective and that I can use these signs of bad behaviour to rectify what’s troubling me. I just need to hone my skills to do it before crossing the line. I’m nearly there.

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  1. Iduno

    One thing that helps is looking at why you are going to drink. Having a beer to relax and talk with friends is different than drinking because I don’t feel like I can handle work or a friend’s death. I try to avoid drinking if I’m thinking I “need” a drink. “I just don’t want to be sober right now” is also probably a bad sign.

    1. DV8 Post author

      Yeah, you’re absolutely right. To be honest, I never think I need a drink. I often go weeks without drinking at all, so I suspect this isn’t about a possible addiction to alcohol. Even when I do drink, nine out of ten times it doesn’t get out of hand, but it’s that tenth time that I’m worried about. It almost always coincides with a mental low point — nothing disastrous, just a bit more emotional, or tired, or stressed. I should just avoid alcohol at those times because I have a tendency to go too far.

      I appreciate the advice.

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