Emma, Session 7

5th day of the 3rd ride, month 6 , 1262

Turns out I lost track of the days properly in the accursed tunnels. I thought we were still on the 4th day, but I was mistaken.

The night’s pleasantries continued. As the night wore on and everyone had eaten their fill, people started to behave less and less formal. Astrid, Markus, and Brandomir were quick to engage in a drinking game. Luca departed for rest. Emrys was in his element at an event like this. But he also managed to strike up more personal conversation with Lord Johnathan, as well as Dame Julie. I approached Sir Benten.
I thanked Sir Benten for lending me the amulet but he assured me that I could keep it and explained to me how it works, should the amulet choose to be mine that is. He explained that ‘transmutation magic’ allows the owner of the amulet to change its properties somewhat. Each of the properties offer a degree of protection to the wearer. The owner can change the properties of the amulet, but it would function on any wearer.
It can provide the ability to see in the dark. It can increase one’s fleetness on foot. It can make one’s body resistant to many forms of elemental harm. And finally. it can improve the fortitude of one’s physical form. The latter property is what it is currently offering.

Not only did Sir Benten and I discuss the amulet, we also discussed the situation with Korath and his comrades. Sir Benten advised us to make haste, since the situation can only deteriorate. He also warned that Lord Johnathan would have no quarrel to choose his own reputation over the lives of a few savages. It seems that Lord Johnathan will be difficult to commit to the fate of the Orcs. I hope Emrys has more luck with the Knights.

Initially I planned to stay the night at the stables as a token of solidarity to our orcish guests and so to stay their hands from acting foolish and impatiently. Cpt. Mollen convinced me otherwise when I discussed the matter with her. She suggested that, were a human woman to spend the night in a barn full of orcs, the people of the estate might assume terrible things and act accordingly. I warned Cpt. Mollen that I feared that the Orcs would not long tolerate being penned up in the stables and that I only wished to calm their spirits.
Instead of spending the night in the stables, I merely visited and talked to Korath a short while. I did a terrible job at comforting him. The language barrier and my own troubles over the whole ordeal made me falter. I think the Orcs trust me still, but are not convinced I will be able to come with a solution that will be to their liking.

I also visited James, who was kept under guard, but was still unconscious. When I discussed the matter with Sir Benten he couldn’t tell me what was wrong with him, but assured me that the unfortunate soul would be well cared for. I examined the unfortunate scoundrel but failed to find anything that could indicate what ails him exactly. He is in Sir Benten’s hands.

I rested my body with a worried heart.

6th day of the 3rd ride, month 6 , 1262

In the morning Emrys and I seated ourselves in the debris of yesterday’s party in the courtyard and acquired some food and drink. Astrid joined us a little later. Meanwhile Luca was evidently sizing up the place for unsavory business. Emrys hailed him and urged him to join us.
It was quickly made apparent that Luca has his own plans with the Orcs. He wants to help them escape and equip them, so that they might have a fighting chance. He seems unperturbed by the wider consequences of the proposed action. He simply aims to fulfill the wishes of the Orcs: ‘Korsh-O’-Ghar … be free or be dead.
It’s a simple solution to the predicament we are in, and Lord Johnathan might well be happy to be released of the predicament. But what will stop the Orcs from killing Lyrians once they are roaming these lands? How quickly will they be hunted and murdered? I see only misery on this path.

Unfortunately my own efforts as well as those of Emrys indicate that finding a more peaceful solution to this predicament is out of reach. I fear that Luca’s solution is the best we have, however much it might be to my distaste.

Sedna guide me!

How far does my responsibility to these Orcs go? Any path they take from here will be wrought with danger. Perhaps allowing them to face that danger on their own terms is the best we can offer?

And what of the Lords Sheridan? Would it not be a breach of the sacred bonds of hospitality to allow these Orcs to escape? Surely smuggling arms to them inside the Sheridan Estate would be! I cannot partake in that.
I don’t object to leaving them some equipment in the forest outside the Estate. They can have my javelin and fishing kit. They can also take the disgusting whip that I picked up in the tunnels.

We agreed that we might well make haste and seek an audience with the Lords to accept the mission to find Lord Destin. Once we leave we will head off the trail to set up supplies for the Orcs and somehow signal them to make their escape. And then it’s up to them.

We hastily agreed that we would accept 1000 golden crowns each as a reward for returning Lord Destin, as well as a 1000 golden crowns in spending money for the journey. Emrys bartered with Lord Johnathan and all was arranged. A carriage would be provided to take us on the path of Lord Destin.

Lord Destin’s endeavor seems to have been a fool’s errand. Luca told a tale of the most gruesome fancy about the Crimson Tower. I admit the world has become more gruesome over the last couple of days, but the story he told was well beyond that. The undertones of the story tastes of loss, regret, and desire to make amends. Much like my own irrepressible hope to recover the top I lost as a five year old girl. It had gone the way of the Crimson Tower and is lost forever.

Sir Bentan provided Luca with  pearl. Supposedly he needs it to prepare a spell that would allow him to better understand the items we have recovered from the tunnels.
I am connected to my trident in a way. A private way. Should I allow him to examine the trident?

Sedna guide me!

We are leaving soon.
It will all be happening now.

Sedna help us all …

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