Of Orcs and Men

Fifth Day, Third Ride, Summer Light, 1262

(Silvermoon is waning. Bloodmoon is waning. Darkmoon is waxing.)

Previously, the adventurers managed to collapse the portal room and make their way through the catacombs, into the aqueduct and back to the estate. They found a warm welcome, until the Kaedwyni orcs climbed out of the well and then the mood soured. The orcs were sequestered in the barn and a feast was prepared to celebrate the return of Bartosz, the stalwart Sheridan guard who had made it back to the surface after being lost. The servants ate in the courtyard, the lords and their guests, including the adventurers, at in the mansion, and the orcs were stowed away.

The dinner at the mansion continued and there was ample room to socialise. Astrid and Marcus descended into doing drinking games, while Emrys was going around the table talking to everyone. Emma spoke to Benten about the pendant, intending on returning it to him, but he gifted it to the adventurers for their search of Lord Destan. He explained that it was a Transmuter’s Stone, which allowed the wearer certain small, but handy magical benefits, ranging from bestowing darkvision upon its wearer, much like that which is innate to the elder races, or making a person more hardy and able to withstand the elements.

The topic of the orcs came up and it became clear that the Sheridan position was a precarious one. Host the orcs as guests and it would cause trouble among the commoners, and if word spread, among other nobility. Let the orcs depart on their own recognisance and they would have to stealth and fight their way to safety. Smuggle the orcs to the coast and it would require having to stow away the orcs in boxes and crates, which seemed like something the orcs felt was too akin to imprisonment. One thing became clear, if a solution wasn’t found quickly, Lord Jonathan wouldn’t hesitate to put the name of his house before the safety of the orcs.

Luca departed for the night, and Emma eventually tried to show solidarity with the orcs by spending the night in the stables. Captain Mollen reasoned with her that the commoners would never accept that and assume the worst. The orcs would not remain safe, nor could Emma’s safety be guaranteed. Emma relented and tried to talk to the orcs and convinced them not to do anything rash, but ultimately felt that the situation was as unstable as Brando’s blasting powder. Anything could ignite violence.

Sixth Day, Third Ride, Summer Light, 1262

(Silvermoon is waning, Bloodmoon is waning. Darkmoon is in high sanction.)

The following morning, Luca got up early and went to visit the orcs. He had felt that it was time to help the situation along, since he had given up on a satisfying resolution if he let things up to the Sheridan lords. He warned Korath to be at the ready and wait for a big boom before making their escape. He departed the stables and started walking around the grounds trying to analyse the situation in order to best aid the orcs in their escape.

The rest of the adventurers came together outside to rummage through the left overs from last night’s feast and cobble together a breakfast. Emma noticed that Luca was plotting and when they all spoke it became clear to the others that Luca was planning an escape for the orcs. Emma was reluctant, but she understood the orc’s credo: Kor-ah ogar, freedom or death, and so she felt she should help. Arming the orcs, however, went against what she considered to be the laws of the hospitality that they had been offered by the Sheridan lords.¬†Astrid offered the orcs her weapons, a great sword and two hand axes. Emma offered them her javelin. Other weapons they would have to improvise.

The adventurers found themselves in conversation in the mansion’s study and they made a proposal; one thousand gold crowns for each upon the safe return of Lord Destan, and one thousand gold crowns for the group for expenses. Besides that, Lord Jonathan would give the group two horses and an open carriage for transportation. It all seemed like a rushed negotiation while the adventurers had the orcs on their mind.

Luca was given a pearl by Benten the Purple so that he could further investigate the weapons that they had taken from the catacombs. And Luca also told the others about the macabre history of the Crimson Tower

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