The Crimson Tower: Inn at the Crossroads: Notice Board


As punishment for failure to perform feudal duties, a hundred lashes each have been administered to; George of Schrain, Sten Brottus, Brottus the Elder and Mussy Halin.

May this serve as a reminder; the hand that feeds can also strike its wayward wards.

Ointments for Ailments

Ointments for carbuncles, boils and gout have I, to exchange for salted meat or such. Be warned, it’s awful rank and bothersome to wear, yet I swear it works wonders!

– Lemmiel

Rubs for Aches

My daughter’s hands be strong and supple and more than one man or wife complaining of witchshot or other aches of the back have come to her greatly troubled and left at ease. If hard work in the field has got you hunched over like an over-burdened ox, come to our hut and find relief.

– Ally

P.S. Waste not your time nor ours with lecherous proposals.

From the Innkeeper

You’ll buy your food and drinks at the inn with Lyrian crowns. We take no other coin. We don’t do tabs, either. Nor exchanges, save for eat or drink. If anyone doesn’t like that, they can go and rut for acorns.

– Selma

Net Mending

The folk of Northshire know me to be a good fisherman. Man has yet to weave a net I cannot mend. So I’ll mend yours, too, and for a small fee I’ll throw in some bobs and a line guaranteed not to break, not even if a whale swallows it and dives. You can find me in me house after dusk, when I’ve returned with the day’s catch.

– Olly

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