Emma, Session 16

2nd day of the 1st  ride of Summer-Flame , 1262

We departed from Bournemouth after settling our accounts at the River Stone. We were accompanied by Falca who wanted to wish us a safe journey. We thanked her and boarded a fine Caravel named The Old Queen. We were welcomed on board by a boatman who explained the basic rules.
We picked a spot at near the prow of The Queen where a hooded and blindfolded Emrys perched himself over our chest of riches, playing doleful tunes on his lute. It is unclear what afflicts him, nor when and how it may come to an end. Luca, our resident arcanist appears at a loss.

When it became apparent that I am in fact a follower of Sedna, the boatman Nyman was eager to introduce me to Captain Lorne and to for me to bless the journey. Awkwardly I consented and hopefully satisfied Nyman’s spiritual needs.
During the journey I first admired the skill of the crew before settling myself for meditation and, hopefully, communications with Muirgheal. This proved rather difficult since a little lordling was misbehaving incessantly and being called after by his entitled, and very irritating, mother.
I begged Sedna for patience and called the lordly brat to a halt, perhaps a little too harshly, and then implored him with a calm voice to heed his mother as he would his father.
The knight that was guarding the lordling and his mother menaced over me but realized that I meant no real harm. For at least an hour or so the knight, myself, and the rest of the passengers of the ship enjoyed a blissful brat-free repose.
During this time I managed to engage as best as possible with Muirgheal, hoping to find out more about the person that imbued himself into this trident. Unfortunately our communications were unsuccessful. A veil of misunderstanding keeps us from properly communicating. Do I need to commit more to the weapon in order for that communication to be possible? Can I commit to that without harming my bond with the Mistress? I will probably need to talk to Luca about this.

A little later James, who had been clambering around in the Queen’s rigging, became intensely focused. An unnatural fog was forming ahead of the Queen. Most of the passengers were corralled below deck, while the able bodied prepared for the worst. The little lordling had resumed his misbehaivour and was being chased by the knight, but evading her deftly.

Several marsh-dwelling monsters boarded the Queen: Grypts by the look of it. I heard a loud splash near the aft, and heard gurgling cries of help from the little lordling. I reckoned that my companions, the crew, and the knight would be more than sufficient to handle the grypts, so I decided that I was probably the only one to be able to save the lordling.
I entrusted my safety to Muirgheal and jumped overboard. I quickly made my way to the struggling lordling, who was being pulled under by three grypts. Although they tried to prevent me, I focused on releasing the lordling from their grasp. I killed one in the struggle, and gravely injured the other two. I finally forced the last one to ignore the lordling, but in doing so I made myself vulnerable to attack and their fangs and claws overcame me.

I later learned that Astrid recovered the lordling and me from the water and killed the remaining grypts.
I also learned that another, much more dangerous creature nearly escaped with Muirgheal . Luckily, James finally managed to defeat that beast and recover Muirgheal. Even more disturbingly, a young woman cloaked in blue appears to have directed the attack on the Queen.

Who is this mysterious assailant?

Rhosyn? Surely not!?

The lordlings mother, a Lady of House Tolliver was very grateful for the … safe … recovery of Lord Simon and pledged that we would ever be welcome at House Tolliver.

Egremont is coming in sight.

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