Church of Deus, Place of Worship, Ravensbourne, Kingsport

In the ward of Ravensbourne, right next to the Daerlan embassy, stands a modest Church of Deus, the monotheist god who represents the just, righteous and everything good and who stands in opposition of Asmodeus, who represents the wicked, vile and everything evil. The church is lead by His Excellency, bishop Menno Haanstra.

Very few people attend the church. The people who do attend mass are almost exclusively Daerlanian. Occasionally a Lyrian will wander in to check it out, but they rarely stay. The only reason for its existence is its proximity to the Daerlan embassy, and it has been suggested that the presence of the church is a form of cultural encroachment that should be forbidden. In order not to strain relations, the church is allowed to practice and all are welcome, but many believe that this might change as soon as Lyro-Daerlan diplomatic relationships worsen.

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