Library of Ioun, Place of Worship, Ravensbourne, Kingsport

The is no real place of worship for the followers of Ioun in Kingsport. The closest temple is in Bournemouth. According to Lord┬áCaedmon, head of House Bromley, this is an affront to Kingsport’s status as the capital and has opened up his private library at his estate in Ravensbourne every last day of the ride for worship. The proximity of the Circle of Mages has meant that this service is heavily attended by the mages and apprentices that study there. It is a relatively informal gathering, and in recent years Lord Caedmon has been corresponding with the Iounic order in Bournemouth to get an anointed priest of their order to lead the congregation. Until then Lord Caedmon himself, with the aid of his librarian, Raedelus, lead the services and read from Iounic texts.

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