Temple of Light, Place of Worship, Steward Square, Kingsport

Right behind the enormous Cathedral of the Platinum Father stands the modest Temple of Light, the primary place of worship of Pholtus. It is also the foremost place to go in order to be treated for injury and illness. Mother Superior Arwyn runs the clinic, while High Priest Selwyn is the spiritual head of the congregation. The clinic and the temple are two separate buildings, with separate entrances, so as not to have the treatment of the sick interrupt the worship of the healthy.

There are several selfless priests who tend to the spiritual and physical needs of both the congregation as well as the patients, but one stands out to anyone who has ever had to be tended to; Father Devon. While the wealthy and fortunate are able to call upon the services the temple at their homes or estates, the poor and dispossessed are required to come to the temple of aid. Father Devon has made it his duty to treat those who are unable to make it to the temple and don’t have the coin to pay for a visit. It has made him an immensely popular individual throughout large parts of Kingsport, especially Lewisham and The Lace, where he regularly tends to the lads and ladies of the night.

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