Temple of the Mother Creatrix, Place of Worship, Steward Square, Kingsport

Chauntea is the largest and most worshipped deity in Lyria, after Paladine. Even so, the temple in the Steward Square ward of Kingsport is modest, consisting of a building with a large open court in the middle in which a beautiful, lush garden has been planted. The priesthood dedicated to Chauntea prefer to dedicate their efforts and spread their word around the farming communities around Kingsport and throughout Northshire.

The leader of the congregation is Mother Gwendolyn, a warm and nurturing woman in the twilight of her life. She is grooming a replacement, a younger woman by the name of Lilly of Fairfields, whose connection to the Earthmother is reported to be boundless. They often tend the gardens together and talk about fertility and nourishment. Women who are with child often sit nearby to learn about motherhood while their husbands lend a hand tending to the garden, simultaneously learning about how best to provide for their new families.

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