Tomb of Saint Catherine of Dunagore, Place of Worship, Eastminster, Kingsport

Along the street of King Augustine in Eastminster, inside the fortified monastery devoted to Paladine, is the final resting place of Dame Catherine of Dunagore, Lyrian knight in the Order of the Shield and famously the woman who gave her life to save Sir William of Garamond at the Battle for Blue Harbour.

Legend has it that she was the first chaplain of her order, and that she shielded the leader of the Silver Crusade with her body as it rained hellfire upon her and the troops around her. Paladine blessed her for her faith, heroism and sacrifice by letting her withstand enough of the damage to keep Sir William safe while all around her scores of knights roasted and boiled in their armours.

Her charred bones have been laid to rest in the impressive chapel, and her soot-covered armour has been crafted in the lid of her tomb, not showing any signs of deterioration, despite the countless centuries. Pilgrims, devotees of Paladine and Lyrian knights come from all around to touch her plate armour, be witness to her sacrifice and pay their respects.

The monastery is the home of the Monastic order of Saint Catherine, who have devoted their lives to Paladine and the virtues that Saint Catherine represents to them. They are the custodians of the tomb, and their red robes and tabards are a common sight in Eastminster.

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