A Royal Sickness: Notice Boards


During the time that the players are dealing with the illness of the queen while they’re in Kingsport, the following notice board messages will inform them of certain things happening in and around the capital of Lyria.

Notice Boards

Crownsguard Looking for Honest Witnesses

The Crownsguard are looking for anyone who has any knowledge of who might have been involved in the delivery of the cursed package to the palace and into the queen’s chambers. Anyone who has any knowledge that will lead to the apprehension of those involved will be royally rewarded. Present yourself to the palace crownsguard.

– Lieutenant William of Eastwarren, Palace Crownsguard

[Affixed is the seal of the Palace Crownsguard]

The decree has been vandalised by several people calling for the execution of Lord Szymon Radowan and Lord Fabian Fetterling.

Soldiers, Guards and Mercenary, Quell the Uprising!

The kingdom needs you! Prisoners have been causing trouble and heroic people are needed to crush their insolence. Present yourself to any of the crownsguard of the Carceratum and ask for Warden Valgard.

Good Coin for a Guide

I am looking for a stalwart ranger who can act as my guide over the next few rides. Mountaineering and swamp navigation are a benefit. Paying in hard coin and can outspend any others.

– Lord Peregrine Blackwell, First of His Name

Will Work For Food

I fled here from the Elder Foothills. Haven’t got nothing to eat. Will do anything at all that’ll earn me a bowl of something hot, even if it’s porridge. Find me in front of the Cathedral on Steward’s Square.

– Berengar

Gardener Wanted

Looking for an experienced gardener to work on transitioning the design of my lord’s courtyard in Ravensbourne from the Daerlan style to the Lyrian.

– Hendrik of Grimsdown, Majordomo to Lord Caedmon Bromley in Kingsport

A Special Sermon

We have a saint walking among us again today! Brought back from the clutches of the Dark Queen to bring the word of the Lord! Come to the cathedral on the last day of the first ride to watch Saint Benedict speak, to hear his words. He is a privilege to all and a direct blessing from the Platinum Father.

Reserve your seats at the Cathedral.

– Lord Bishop Aldred Grey, Voice of the Platinum Father

Expedition to Cure the Queen

Looking for hardy people willing to help find a cure for our queen’s ailment. Must be willing to travel no later than the first day of the second ride. Wilderness, arms or hunting experience is preferred. Knowledge of the arcane or herbalism will be rewarded extra. Present yourself to Lieutenant William of Eastwarren at the palace or Captain Randall of Blackbridge at the Careless Wanderer for more details.

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