Correspondence: First Missive from Epidemius


Written in the infernal language of Ba’ator, better known as the Nine Hells, this missive was retrieved from one of the skaven priests or shamans in the ancient waterways when they were trying to break out of the carceratum with the rebel lords.



The plague maidens are congregating, drawn by the pestilent potential of a potent, ancient magic. I have read the signs and portents and require the skavens of clan [unclear] to investigate and reveal the truth. I have gathered enough [unclear] that I may open a gate through the seal for a short time through which they may travel. Once verified, they will report and be given further instruction.

– Epidemius the Cataloguer, Lord of Decay, One of the Seven Proctors of Pestilence. Devoted Underling of Baalzebul the Calabite, Ruler of the Seventh, Lord of Maladomini.

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