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The move is now well underway. After cleaning and sanding down all the wood in Penthouse the Baars on saturday, as well as removing the carpet as well as some butt-ugly lightfixtures I am almost ready to start painting. Everything needs to be cleaned, and vaccumed once more, and some damages to the walls need to be taken care of, but then I’ll be set.

It’s taken me some time trying to decide which colours to apply where. I decided the walls will be white (though I might change my mind before I actually start painting) and the wood will be a really deep, dark blue. The same blue of my sofa, for those who are familiar with it. My ceiling will also be white.

I’m really happy with all the help I received from my friends and family. People helped clean and move, and a lot of them have offered to help paint as well. It warms my heart to know that there are people out there willing to help out. People who, when they offer their help, actually are true to their word and do what they promised they would.

I can’t wait until I’m done with the painting, which should be within the next week or so, because then it’s just a matter of having the floor installed as well as my belongings moved into the new apartment.

I moved out of Villa BvD on sunday and most of my belongings are now distributed between my mother’s house, who is also sweet enough to offer me a place to stay until Penthouse the Baars is done, and Richard’s. I decided to leave when the time became nigh when the real estate agent would have to be able to show people in. I didn’t feel comfortable having other people walk through what has essentially been my home for the last five years.

I was only supposed to stay for a couple of months. It ended up being five years.

Deeved the Deev

I just got Deeved by Paul and Jim, who had been out and about in Chicago doing some the drinky-drinky and some of the sneaky-freaky. It was good to hear Paul’s voice, and I don’t remember if I’ve ever been Deeved by him before. Jim was Kool and the Gang, as always. There was also some random drunk chicklet who decided to butt in. Paul ran interference.

“Are you calling, like, another country!? Whooo! Tri Kappa Delta!”

…eh, yeah…everybody else has.


5th day, 2nd ride, March, 1372 DR

We returned from Marron’s home. We had found nothing pointing to his involvement in the death of the two dwarves, though I suspect this man is guilty of many, many things.

While we were watching his home in the woods, we had a rotating watch. Naturally, Roland fell asleep during his watch and woke up only when my foot repeatedly connected with his ribcage. I took his blanket as punishment. I think I’ll use it to warm myself with the coming few days, so that my stink is in it. Then I’ll give it back to him. With a bit of luck, he doesn’t want it anymore, and he’ll let me have it instead.


4th day, 2nd ride, March, 1372 DR

Last night Roland turned down a woman who would’ve given herself up to him completely. He seems capable of more restraint than I gave him credit for. Then, when the lady was disappointed, Abel stepped in and finished what Roland started. It seems he, too, is capable of more than I gave him credit for. Is he sure he didn’t sleep with the Cormyrian nobleman’s wife?

I had a strange dream last night. I was on the open plains of Damara, following a lightning storm that I couldn’t seem to reach. Am I losing touch with Abaddon? Is he out of my reach? Or is Heron the storm in my dream? Elusive and always one step ahead. I don’t I woke up perturbed.

We headed down the Tethyamar trail to find Marron. I was pleased to see the weather had turned sour, and the smell of thunder was in the air…