Heartfelt Desire

My love is growing and I can hear the ice crack beneath my feet. One of these days I’ll overstep the boundaries that have been set up. But what do you do when you cry with every smile?

Insecurity is what keeps me in check. The terror of breaking something valuable in order to gain something of even more value is what keeps me docile.

So much wasted time if I can have what I want. So foolish if I can’t.

2 comments on “Heartfelt Desire

  1. Glorfindel_II

    Kinship Sounds an awfull lot like my own world…. you have to cope with it each and every day, sometimes the will to speak you mind out loud becomes almost unbearable.. but then just at that point you’re reminded of the damage it could cause (even if that damage is just something you thought up yourself…) and you keep you mouth shut never knowing what could have been……

  2. Guest

    i know how that feels i knew a girl in high school, one of the sweetest ever, and well i could never say anything…….

    so here it goes……

    tequilla… will you marry me?

    yes that is her name

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