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Second Thoughts

I’m having second thoughts regarding the apartment that I saw on Tuesday. I think I’m too hung up on living in Amsterdam, and I should expand the scope of my search a little bit. More later.

New Apartment

Yesterday I went to look at an apartment that my father had stumbled upon through one of his contacts. It’s a top floor apartment (fourth floor) that’s about 50 to 70 square metres in a relatively nice part of western Amsterdam, at the Reinier Claeszenstraat. You can spot where I would live if you click on this map below, indicated by the [1]. It would be just outside the immediate centre, but close enough to everything to make it worth while.

Of course, there are a lot of catches. The owner of the building is a little dodgy, and it’s a bit more expensive than what I have now. The deposit is steep, and it would need some things, like a new floor; the purple/green carpet that’s all over the apartment really has to go. Like, really. The kitchen is oddly spacious, almost as big as the living room, but that could really use a cleaning. There’s a washing machine, a refridgerator, a bed, a small sofa, table, kitchen-table, closets and cupboards and that sort of things available, so it’s semi-furnished, which is excellent for me, since I don’t own a thing myself.

Until I get some form of contract – which I’m still not sure I’m getting – I’m going to take everything under close consideration.


I’ve been eating too much junkfood over the weekend. Hamburgers and french fries and milkshakes and crisps…my stomach feels like a bog at the moment. Ugh.

On the other hand, my friends and I had a wonderful dinner at Palladio on saturday night, with phenomenal food, wonderful service and excellent company. It was Dennis’ birthday two weeks ago, but the celebratory thing that usually accompanies a birthday was long overdue. So it was Dennis, SamRichardEdwin, Esther, Eva and Frank. Great time.

Pink Racing Stripes

So, tonight, as I was leaving home to go to Kung Fu, I got in my car and drove off. Not too far from my house I saw a rather large puddle of pink paint on the ground. Instead of doing what any sensible person would do, which is to say, drive around the fucking puddle, I decided to blast right through it. I had the top down, and because of that I could hear the rhythmic sludging noise of the left front tire stamping the road with pink paint as I drove, but I figured that shit would wear away sooner or later, so I wasn’t worried.

It wasn’t until I stood at a stoplight that I figured something more was going on than just a dirty tire, when I saw people eyeing the side of my car with curious, puzzled looks on their faces. I pulled over, got out and saw that there were stripes and splashes of pink paint all down the side of my car. That I wasn’t hit with it is a miracle, because that shit was everywhere.

I got to Kung Fu, got some coins off of people, and drove down the street, where there was a car-wash place. Not one of those drive-through type car-washes, but the ones where you get to toy around with high-pressure water cannons. I had such a blast cleaning the paint off, that I decided to clean my entire car while I’m at it. I got so incredibly high off the soap fumes that I’m thinking of making this into a bi-weekly excercise.

When I got back to Kung Fu I was so incredibly giddy that the entire class got derailed and we were all acting stupid and laughing at everything.