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Gr1ps Secret Weapon 2.0

I got an early birthday present that I’m very happy with! A Gr1ps Secret Weapon 2.0 gi! It’s a navy blue thing of beauty and it fits me really well,nee spite other A3 size gi’s generally being a bit too large. It’s also quite light, which is nice, and the material is amazing. I can’t wait to wear it during training on Monday!

I Earned My Blue Belt Today

Blue Belt

I started doing no-gi BJJ in 2008. After about eight months I transitioned to MMA, but I always liked the ground game better. Late 2010 I finally bought a gi. It took me a while to actually start training with the gi, but finally transitioned away from MMA in mid-2011.

Tonight, four years later, I finally earned my blue belt. Hell yeah.

Injuries,… Again

About a week and a half ago someone performed a “can opener” on me at training, which only really works on beginners, but regardless it hurts very much. I ended up tapping the guy out, but still, several days later, my neck and left shoulder were still sore.

It’s so bad that for the first few days I had a hard time doing anything but laying down. Sitting or standing ended up getting painful after a few seconds, as tension in my neck turned to pain that flared all the way to my elbow.

Now, ten days later, it’s still painful and I’m taking pain killers in order to be able to work a full day without going crazy, but it’s getting better. Anyway, needed to get that off my chest. Thanks.