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Heartseeker’s Strings and Fletchings, Shop, Eastern Gate, Kingsport

Garrick the Heartseeker was a marksman in the employ of House Grey when he was ordered to the Plains of Strife to fight against an ever encroaching force of Daerlan invaders. It turned out that the invaders were none other than the 8th Daerlan brigade; twelve hundred of Daerlan’s finest soldiers. When the Lyrian forces of House Grey and the 8th Daerlan brigade fell upon one another, the Lyrians were quickly put on their back foot. Their flank was being attacked by Daerlan arbalists, whose fire power quickly decimated the Lyrian lightly armoured pikemen. The Lyrian marksmen, under Garrick’s command, quickly taught the Daerlan a lesson in firing ranges; the Daerlan crossbows carried the heavier punch, but the Lyrian bow had the range. Garrick earned his nickname that day and was celebrated for his bravery and performance under pressure.

When he returned home, his wife and young children welcomed him with open arms, having heard about his exploits. It turned out that news of his deeds had been spread by several travelling minstrels. Quickly he became the talk of Ashenvale, and he was invited to participate in the archery competition that accompanied a tournament being held in Kingsport. Against some of the best marksmen in the Verdant Kingdoms he managed to prevail and win the competition. This cemented him as a legend and a folk hero. He ended up staying in Kingsport to teach archery lessons to young nobles, and he ended up opening up a small shop together with his family, who had all moved to Kingsport too.

Now his shop and home sit just outside of the Eastern Gate, with plenty of targets set up against the walls of the walls. He is a familiar and much loved individual who has converted his once brittle folk hero status into thriving business. Quality bows of different sizes and compositions, different types of strings, as well as differing types of arrows, arrowheads and fletchings are on offer.

Herbs, Salves and Ointments, Shop, Elysian Gate, Kingsport

Outside of the Elysian Gate, just north east of the wall that borders Grimsdown sits a large thatch covered cottage that has a sign in front of the door reading “Herbs, Salves and Ointments”. On most days, you’ll find a cantankerous Kaedwyni man named Ecgbrith sitting on a stool outside of the hut nursing a strong alcoholic drink. He claims to have been schooled in the natural arts by the Aen Nord, a moon elf tribe in northern Kaedwyn, and that he has learned everything that the Dol Naev’de druids had to offer him. He knows about the healing and harming properties of all herbs and, when pressed, is familiar with many alchemical formulae.

His cottage is filled with the scents of lavender, rosemary, silversage and whitecaps, and long, looping wreaths of grave moss and bristles of dreamfoil are hanging from the rafters. Baskets filled with ghost mushrooms and goldclover are usually drying in the sun, while the shadow side of his cottage is growing a steady supply of wildvine. The acolytes of the Temple of Light and the apprentices from the Circle of Mages often come to Ecgbrith for their supplies, but so do a large amount of cooks and chefs in Kingsport. The szygani have a strange relationship with the man; sometimes they can be seen yelling at one another, while at other times, shady figures come to his cottage at strange hours of the night.

Adria’s Novel Idea, Shop, Sevenoaks, Kingsport

Just north of Wickenham Street in Sevenoaks, in an alley tucked between different book binders, scribes and pamphlet makers, lies a small shop called Adria’s Novel Idea, run by an elderly gentleman by the name of Calford. He’s a quiet man with great sadness behind his eyes. The shop is always gloomy, with little sunlight reaching its small windows. Great, intricately carved oak wooden bookshelves line the walls and are filled with dust covered books of different shapes and topics. Most of the floor space has been taken up by large stacks of books, giving the entire shop a maze-like quality. Some of them are leather bound, some of them are bound in wooden covers, some of them not bound at all.

In the back there is a desk where old Calford sits. Unlike the shop, the desk is neat and clean. Atop the desk sits a lantern, a pot of ink and a quill and two stacks of parchments. One stack of parchments is empty, the other stack is filled with neat writing. Nobody who has visited the shop has ever caught him putting ink to parchment. Calford lives above the shop and only leaves the shop on occasion to attend the service at the Library of Ioun or to buy supplies. He can sometimes be found at the docks, picking up a shipment of new books. Other than that he can be found in his shop, sitting behind his desk.

L’eau Célestes, Shop, Southside, Kingsport

Along the north side of the street of spice, close to the Western Gate lies a small shop by the name of L’eau Célestes, run by Beauclairois socialite by the name of Céleste Deschamps. What is remarkable about her shop is that it seems to be permanently stocked with bottled wines of amazing vintages as well as with barrelled wine of different sizes. Her prices are amazingly steep and yet she seems to keep her head above water quite well. What is remarkable about Céleste Deschamps is, well…

For a start, she has managed to gain access to court in just a few short years after arriving in Kingsport, with little more than a cart filled with wine, a chest of personal belongings and a deed to the shop on the Street of Spice. She has managed to become friendly and associated with every ancient noble house in Kingsport, and she has become the exclusive vintner and sommelier of many of them. She has openly joked when addressing Queen Isabella that she will not rest before she exclusively stocks Her Majesty’s cellars.

Lyandra’s Leatherworks, Shop, Brown Gate, Kingsport

Just outside of the Brown gate lies an area where trappers, tanners and leatherworkers have congregated with a cattle market close by. It’s here that Lyandra Wildrunner, an elven woman from the Worthwilde has set up shop. She only crafts leather items upon commission, so that she does not have to maintain any valuable stock outside of the city walls, and only if the price and assignment is to her liking. A boiled leather breastplate, or a simple leather saddle, or an unremarkable pair of riding boots is not enough to tease her interest, but ask her to make an elaborately decorative, full leather armour and she will deliver the most amazing quality that coin can buy.

Her shop consists of a half-open shed with all the required tools, and she knows almost all the leatherworkers, tanners, dyers, cattle farmers, hunters and trappers in the area, so if she can’t help you, she will likely know who can.