The Conjunction of Planes: Table of Contents


  1. Inventory Sheet
  2. Session Recaps
  3. The Heroes of the White Eye: A Character Study
  4. Campaigns
    1. The Siege of Epidemius
      1. Correspondence: Falka’s Letter on Epidemius
    2. A Beauclair Delegation
      1. Correspondence: Missive from Lord Edgar Tolliver to Neahman
      2. Correspondence: Letter from Falka of Dunagore to Luca
      3. Correspondence: News from Lord Dorian Morvrayne
      4. Correspondence: Letter from Margravine Ulrikke von Rosenberg
      5. Notice Board: Kingsport
      6. Story: The Princess and the Swans
    3. A Dark Delirium
      1. Fiction: A Plague Upon Kingsport
      2. Recap: Recapping After a Long Break
      3. Notes: Dr. Arkenward’s Ménagerie
    4. Royal Master Angler Competition
      1. Closing Ceremony Speech
      2. Journal: A Draconic Journal Page
    5. A Royal Sickness
      1. A Foreboding Dream
      2. Notice Board: Kingsport
      3. Notice Board: Eastray
      4. The Heroes of the White Eye; A Character Study
      5. Correspondence: First Missive from Epidemius
    6. A Steady Feud
      1. Notice Board: Kingsport
    7. The Crimson Tower
      1. The Foreboding Dreams
      2. Notice Board: Inn at the Crossroads
      3. Notice Board: Blackbridge
      4. Research: Daughter of the Sea
      5. Atilesceon’s Journal Pages
      6. Correspondence: Personal Correspondence of the Cursed Crusaders
      7. Correspondence: A Letter About Robart
    8. The Sheridan Estate Water Supply
      1. Demon Dice

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